A (Short) History of CRUX

Posted by Drew Deatherage on Oct 21, 2019 8:25:40 AM

I thought it might be time for a short refresher course on the history of CRUX. Some of you might not know that  what is now the CRUX team was Huckabee's in-house technology and security design group. In January of 2016, the former Huckabee tech and security design geeks launched out on our own as a separate design and consulting firm. CRUX Technology and Security Solutions, Inc., was born. When we initially launched the CRUX Principals shared ownership with Huckabee shareholders. In 2017, CRUX bought out the Huckabee shareholders to become an independent consultancy, and today principally serves the K-12 market in Texas, and the commercial, Native American, and Fed/Gov markets nationally.

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Topics: School Safety, Consulting, K-12, Core 4